The development of the guest harbor of Peterzens

The Peterzens guest harbor in Kustavi is 65 km distance by land from Turku and about 100 nautical miles from the port of Mariehamn.

The port is located in the Northern archipelago. Still northward are Katanpää, Uusikaupinki, Rauma, and Pori.

Kustavi is one of the largest summer resident areas of Finland. Kustavi has a large amount of entrepreneurs along with commercial activities.

Before the Seastop project, the following modifications and improvements were made:

14 hotel room units were made from sea-freight containers to facilitate accommodation capacity for harbor guests.

 2016 saw the addition of a summer market and an adjacent Park Golf course.  In 2018 the channel leading to the harbor was widened to two lanes and deepened in order to ease navigation problems and to provide passage for larger boats. At the same time, toilet facilities were relocated and expanded as well as an extension of restaurant work space.

SEASTOP with the support of the 2018 project has built a new platform for the end of the pier in the process of replacing the old. 2019 will see development to the playground, making it safer and more versatile. In 2019 the crowded sauna situation will be resolved with the addition of two new saunas.Boats visiting the restaurant will be provided with a wider pier and walkway for convenience and safety. The dock also will be mounted with boom mounting locations, allowing more small boats to attach to the dock. 

Peterzens guest harbor will continue to evolve and, at the same time, support the development of tourism in the Kustavi archipelago.