Our sheltered harbour is located at the back of a bay in the middle of this most beautiful archipelago. We are one hour from Turku (66km), two from Pori (140 km) and just under 3hrs from Helsinki (230 km), a few minutes and kilometers to Finland’s sunniest municipality, which has a lot to offer tourists.

In addition, we are directly on the Archipelago Trail. As an option to taking "Swedish ships" are ferries through the Åland Islands, and from there on to Sweden. Kustavi offers the beautiful summer landscapes of small roads. Kustavi Handicraft Village, 1.5 km along the nature trails, forest paths, or the little dirt road with no cars or paved roads. Any way you want. And there’s the Kustavi village center, with facilities, and the beautiful old wooden church. Iniöntie Katariina Karikoski art exhibition and gallery. Kipinä, a stunning new Center for the Arts and the ala carte restaurant Pop Up.

From our harbour the Iniö ferry is 5min away, only 30 min to Iniö. See Erkas Gården, a genuine old fishing area, with good food. First take the ferry to Jurmo from Kustavi Vartsala and from there by boat to Brändö, 30min. Then you are already in the Åland Islands. We are often along the way, Hopefully on your trip, too. Welcome.