The 11-generations family estate in Kustavi waited for a new life, as did Laura and Eerikki, leaving the city to achieve their own dreams. Thus was born  L & E Peterzéns Ltd in 1980. The incentive was Laura's design, which had received positive attention, and Eerikki's legacy and passion for entrepreneurship. 

Our screen printing quickly grew and the old granite barn building soon filled with new design fabrics and became a productive design house. Laura's love of nature and in particular the archipelago found her designs first in Finnish homes, in the Nordic countries and then to Europe. 

The company was successful, but we were too small to become big. My resources were not enough for a major change. Marimekko was interested in our company, and soon acquired the ownership of Peterzens and Laura to Marimekko. 

After Marimekko changed ownership, Laura was released from her duties. Then together Eerikki and Laura joined in the development of the port. The harbour restaurant and shops are slowly growing in demanding conditions, and the lead is now being passed to the next generation. As a result came the Boathouse night cabins. 

What’s next? We will certainly hear from our customers and we will listen, as we have for the past 35 years.