Peterzéns provides an excellent place for sailors seeking rest and recreation. The wind-sheltered harbour is located in the Turku archipelago at Kustavi. At normal seas the clearing is 2m and offers both buoy and side-mounted moorings.Peterzéns guest harbour has approx. 100 guest mooring buoys, as well as side moorings for 7 larger boats.


Location: sea chart no. 724

Coordinates: 60º 29,7’ 21º 26,4’


Harbour gateway: Saviletto


Harbour fees are paid at the restaurant and include:


Boat mooring

WC, shower and sauna

Electricity and water

Septic tank and vacuum emptying

Waste disposal

Free use of kitchen-ware washing


Free use of grill and kindling


Harbour fees:

Buoy mooring 23€/day

Side-mounted mooring 33€/day 


Peterzéns harbour is also a permanent home port. We offer stern coupling and buoy mooring for a total of 200 berths. Contact us for a home port in the archipelago:


or phone 050-3639545 .